Software Development Quality Assurance: Prototype Testing

The prototype creation and testing with attracting your target group – is the best way to assess a new project and understand whether it will be commercially successful.

Prototype Testing provides an opportunity to examine thoroughly the project on first stages and make all essential alterations in accordance with desired objectives.

Testing service providers claim that prototype testing assures a complete serviceability of the product when it is released.
As a part of QA services, prototype testing saves both time and money on software development quality assurance of the product. 

The introduction of testing on the prototyping stage allows retrenching money costs and time, insofar as at the very beginning, the project will be carefully worked out and all specification details will be considered.

Prototype Testing for Small Projects 
For small projects, developed based on cascade model, prototype testing is especially critical. Why? Even minor noncompliance is requirements would lead to additional costs, and non-detected & unrecorded errors on early development stages, in general, may adversely affect your product’s fate.

Why Prototype Testing Service is Required?
- testing team clearly follows the recommendations in the user instructions and carry out work in accordance with a clear test plan;
- QA team pays a significant attention to identification of structural and logical errors in the prototype, which can cause a system failure;
- testers compare the prototype structure with similar variants of products on design, offers own variants on improvement;
- QA testers check whether the developed software meets international standards.

Thanks to qualified QA engineers, who performed their work successfully, prototype testing will calculate the potential costs at every stage of the product creation and to determine the most effective model of development. 

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