Why Automated Testing Services are So Popular?

Even though information technology is rapidly developing nowadays and can already boast great achievements in this field, program codes are still written with errors. It is not so important why errors occur, instead it is critical to detect and correct them.


Mobile Application Testing Services: Optimizing Testing of Mobile App

The scope of mobile application testing services has been greatly expanded and the main reason for that is an increase in testing combinations that have been in demand in these latter days.

When performed on the various devices, combinations of screen resolutions, OS, compatibility testing allows covering layout, usability, performance, rendering, functionality of application amongst other test features.


What Is the Cost of Software Defects?

The logic is very simple: the sooner a software defect or a bug is detected, the cheaper it will cost to fix it. It's clear that it is much easier and cheaper to correct a line in the specification or the code than to make any changes in the end product.


Why Automated Testing Cannot Detect Regression Bugs

It is widely supposed that, due to development of new features, test automation is aimed at detecting regression bugs but not new defects. However, regression bugs happen to slip through and probably automated regressions testing is the only approach to detect the bugs.


What is a Bug in Terms of Software Testing Companies

A bug is a common term in the computer environment. It is used to describe defects, software malfunction. The English meaning of the word is a bug or any small insect.

Software testing companies provide the users with relevant information on different software issues, including finding and fixing bugs. Their staff offers effective qa solutions, delivering high quality and performance of IT systems at competitive price.


Why is Software Testing Necessary?

To begin with let's define what "software testing" means. Let's consider this concept in terms of an everyday use. When anything is being tested, the main idea is to check whether it works properly or not. It is great when it does, but when it doesn't it means that something needs to be corrected.


Where Software Testing Companies Find Great Software Testers

Experienced and talented software testers are hard to find but top software testing companies still manage to do that. Why are these specialists in so high demand? Actually, they have the same viewpoint as the product users but with various considerations and more depth.


Where Do Software Bugs Come From?

Why do programs work incorrectly? The answer is simple – they are created and used by people. There can be different types of errors, so let's first analyze them to find out where they come from.

An Error is a human action that produces an incorrect result. The programs are designed and created by people who may make (and they do make) errors. This means that there are deficiencies in software. They are called software defects or software bugs. It is important to remember that the software is more than just the code.