How to Choose Best Independent Software Testing Company?

Best independent software testing companies organize independent software testing performed by experienced specialists, who don’t participate in the process of information system development. It guarantees the testing being objective, as well as conformity of the delivered software non-functional and functional requirements. 

Independent testing performed by TestMatick allows our customers to use a single test repository, the best company’s achievements, 24/7 support team.
The practice of independent testing performance aims to provide a wide range of services, which client can use them both in complex, or separately, in any combination. 

Top independent testing companies should offer the following services: 
- load testing, performance testing, stress testing;
- regression/functionality testing;
- API;
- configuration testing;
- localization testing;
- usability testing;
- data migration;
- security.

The clients should also get a number of additional benefits. For example: 
- reduction of risks to release a low-quality product;
- risk reduction of postponing the release;
- adjustment of costs transparency and predictability;
- optimization of time and cost for testing;

The implementation of outsourcing model provides best results and is effective. 
When choosing the best independent testing company, you will get the promotion of your trademark, as well as sales growth. 

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