SQA Services: How to Test Requirements

Requirements Testing is performed to determine whether the project requirements are implementable in terms of time, resources and budget. The majority of the software defects occur because of requirements being insufficient, inaccurate and ambiguous. 

This testing type includes documentation testing describing:
- project functionality;
- user-interface;
- hardware & software interfaces;
- performance criteria;
- issues and risks associated with the project implementation ;
- safety criteria & system correctness.

This type of independent testing also includes the help in collection and analysis of user data and their substantive work. It’s essential for user interface testing services performance, profiles creation, finalization of documentation, etc.

Main Benefits:
-helps to improve the quality of requirements;
-tends to reduce the number of tests performed for specified requirements satisfaction.

QA consulting team should collect and analyze the requirements for understanding what technologies would be used within project creation and its aims.

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