Localization Testing Service as a Standalone Testing Type

What do you know about Localization Testing Services? Not a lot? It's not a problem! 
Today I feel like sharing some information about localization. Hope it will be new and fresh for you!

Localization was recognized as an independent software testing type more than 20 years ago and since that time, it has experienced some major developments. 
Localization testing has become an indispensable component of just about every software localization endeavor.

Localization testing as an independent testing type aims to verify whether the localized software/product is linguistically accurate and properly adjusted to the local languages and cultures.With what exactly localization deals with and tries to improve? 

The Issues Introduced as a Direct Result of Localization are:
- Linguistic or terminological issues.
- Issues related to Graphical User Interface & its look and feel.
- Issues that may break or comprise the functionality of the localized product.

Localization testing is necessary for every software product, but it’s crucial for that product, which will soon enter the international market.

Localization Testing is Necessary When:
- a program has the multilingual versions.
- the software products are at risk of localization errors.
- there are errors that seriously impact the product usability and can make a program good-for-nothing.

TestMatick testers mostly concentrate on the software UI and content during localization testing; special attention is paid to different languages and culture peculiarities. 

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