Software Development Quality Assurance: Prototype Testing

The prototype creation and testing with attracting your target group – is the best way to assess a new project and understand whether it will be commercially successful.

Prototype Testing provides an opportunity to examine thoroughly the project on first stages and make all essential alterations in accordance with desired objectives.

Testing service providers claim that prototype testing assures a complete serviceability of the product when it is released.
As a part of QA services, prototype testing saves both time and money on software development quality assurance of the product. 

The introduction of testing on the prototyping stage allows retrenching money costs and time, insofar as at the very beginning, the project will be carefully worked out and all specification details will be considered.

Prototype Testing for Small Projects 
For small projects, developed based on cascade model, prototype testing is especially critical. Why? Even minor noncompliance is requirements would lead to additional costs, and non-detected & unrecorded errors on early development stages, in general, may adversely affect your product’s fate.

Why Prototype Testing Service is Required?
- testing team clearly follows the recommendations in the user instructions and carry out work in accordance with a clear test plan;
- QA team pays a significant attention to identification of structural and logical errors in the prototype, which can cause a system failure;
- testers compare the prototype structure with similar variants of products on design, offers own variants on improvement;
- QA testers check whether the developed software meets international standards.

Thanks to qualified QA engineers, who performed their work successfully, prototype testing will calculate the potential costs at every stage of the product creation and to determine the most effective model of development. 

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SQA Services: How to Test Requirements

Requirements Testing is performed to determine whether the project requirements are implementable in terms of time, resources and budget. The majority of the software defects occur because of requirements being insufficient, inaccurate and ambiguous. 

This testing type includes documentation testing describing:
- project functionality;
- user-interface;
- hardware & software interfaces;
- performance criteria;
- issues and risks associated with the project implementation ;
- safety criteria & system correctness.

This type of independent testing also includes the help in collection and analysis of user data and their substantive work. It’s essential for user interface testing services performance, profiles creation, finalization of documentation, etc.

Main Benefits:
-helps to improve the quality of requirements;
-tends to reduce the number of tests performed for specified requirements satisfaction.

QA consulting team should collect and analyze the requirements for understanding what technologies would be used within project creation and its aims.


Localization Testing Service as a Standalone Testing Type

What do you know about Localization Testing Services? Not a lot? It's not a problem! 
Today I feel like sharing some information about localization. Hope it will be new and fresh for you!

Localization was recognized as an independent software testing type more than 20 years ago and since that time, it has experienced some major developments. 
Localization testing has become an indispensable component of just about every software localization endeavor.

Localization testing as an independent testing type aims to verify whether the localized software/product is linguistically accurate and properly adjusted to the local languages and cultures.With what exactly localization deals with and tries to improve? 

The Issues Introduced as a Direct Result of Localization are:
- Linguistic or terminological issues.
- Issues related to Graphical User Interface & its look and feel.
- Issues that may break or comprise the functionality of the localized product.

Localization testing is necessary for every software product, but it’s crucial for that product, which will soon enter the international market.

Localization Testing is Necessary When:
- a program has the multilingual versions.
- the software products are at risk of localization errors.
- there are errors that seriously impact the product usability and can make a program good-for-nothing.

TestMatick testers mostly concentrate on the software UI and content during localization testing; special attention is paid to different languages and culture peculiarities. 


Load Testing Services by Means of Apache Bench

Apache Bench – is a simple tool for load testing service. This utility is included in the standard Apache Assembly and even have almost all ready assemblies such as Denwer, WAMP, XAMPP. Very easy to use and highly configurable.

If you are the beginner in load testing, ab (Apache Bench) – just what you need. 
Main advantages that ab is easy and convenient for learning/using, while its the biggest drawback is low functionality. 

So, what Apache Bench can?
All request are executed through Http protocol. Https is ,unfortunately, not supported. This is another minus :( 

In ab, you can set the total number of requests executed in parallel and time limits for all requests. Apache Bench offers the possibility to use post and head requests. 
You can also add content-type headers and parameters from the cookies, send requests to apache bench, use the proxy server. 
You can work with basic Http authentication and basic proxy authentication. It also supports Http keep-alive-the ability to send requests within one Http session. 
By default, apache bench this feature is turned off.



The Browse of Three Load Testing Service Tools

Load testing services aim to define and gather the systems' time response & its performance indicators in order to cover the requirements imposed on the system. 
Nearly every load testing company resorts to various load testing tools. They can be and open source, and commercial.

TestMatick test engineers browsed three handy tools for load testing service. 

#1. Joe Dog Siege 

- Free tool for use.
- Multithreaded.
- One can specify the number of requests and duration (time of testing). It means that it’s possible to emulate the user load.
- This tool supports the simplest scenarios.

- Resource-intensive.
- There is a little amount of static data. Also, Joe Dog Siege doesn’t emulate very good such user scenarios as the speed limit of user requests. 
- Not suitable for serious and large-scale testing in hundreds and thousands of threads, because it is resource-intensive, and on a large number of requests and threads loads the system greatly.

#2. Tsung 

Core Capabilities:
- Written on Erlang.
- HTTP, WebDAV, SOAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, Jabber/XMPP.
- Console (GUI through a third-party plugin).
- Distributed testing (millions of users).
- Possesses the testing stages.
- Test plan – XML-file.
- Plan recording by means of Tsung recorder’a.
- Monitoring of test servers (Erlang, Munin, SNMP).
- Tools for generating statistics and graphs from logs work.

- Free tool.
- As it’s written in Erlang, this tool scales well but depends on the allocated resources.
- Can perform the role of a distributed system on a big number of machines.
- A great number of tested systems-not just Web servers and databases, but also, for example, XMPP-server: can send messages, tests with the authorization.
- The control via console, but, thanks to the support of plugins - can be managed by using a third-party plugin with GUI.
- The existence of Tsung Recorder tool -sort of a proxy server through which you can walk over the tested website and record as soon as the load profile.
- Generation of different testing schedules by using scripts.

- The absence of GUI-interface.
- There is only *nix-system.

#3. WAPT

Core Capabilities: 
- Windows.
- Fee-paying (there is a trial period 30 days/ 20 virtual users).
- Record of the test plan through desktop & mobile browsers.
- Dependence on test plans (subsequent URL depending on the response from the server).
- Imitation of real users (a delay between connections, speed limit connections).

- Very flexible and has various configurations and tests.
- Emulation of slow user connections channels.
- The connection of modules.
- The record of test scripts straight from the browser (desktop & mobile).
- Generation of various testing schedules by using scripts.

- Available only for Windows.
- You should pay fee to use this tool.


Security Testing Service: The Audit of Information Security

Information security audit – is an independent evaluation of the current state of information security system. It establishes the level of compliance with particular criteria and provides results in the form of recommendations.

IS audit allows getting the most comprehensive and objective evaluation of information system security, localize problems and develop an effective IS management system building program organization.

Within the IS audit, or as a separate project, dedicated testers can carry out penetration test service to verify company information system's ability to resist attempts to infiltrate your network and unauthorized exposure to information.

Penetration testing is needed to identify the possible scenario of penetration into the network with the achievement of different goals (capture or administrative rights in the domain database, creating traces of an attacker compromising critical systems).

Penetration testing allows you to get an objective assessment of how easy it is to exercise unauthorized access to resources on the corporate network or website of your company, how, through what vulnerabilities or through any flaws in the system.

Conducting penetration testing allows you to test the level of security systems and the level of maturity of the ISMS.

External penetration test is performed from the public networks and simulates the behavior of the attacker, who attacks from the Internet (using social engineering, and without it). 
External penetration tests vary in scope initially provided information specialist, performing the test.


Mobile Testing Services: Amusive Statistics or Our Affection Towards Mobile Devices

Our today’s world and its population can’t go without mobile app services. Mobile devices already have become an integral part of our life and even the part of our personalities. We read mails, check our social accounts, purchase goods, chat and keep in touch with friends through the Internet and these small gadgets. 

I don’t argue the point that mobile devices & services really made our life somewhat better and easier, but It’s sad to realize that majority builds their daily routine around them. 
Are you one of them?

We prepared a very amusive mobile statistics that will show the level of our affection towards mobile gadgets. 
Let’s start!

- 80% of Internet users are smartphone owners.
- 48% of consumers use search engines for mobile research while 33% use branded website & 26% - with a branded app.
- More than 50% of people grasp their smartphones straightaway after waking up. 
- According to Google research, 61% of users are less likely to visit again the site they had troubles with & 40% will go to a competitor’s site instead. 
- In the last three years, the usage of mobile email have grown by 180%.
- 79% of people use smartphones for reading email. It’s much higher percentage of people who use gadgets for making calls.
- 91% of users value an easy access to content.
- 83% of mobile users prefer a seamless experience across all devices.
- 57% of users are less likely to recommend a business, which has a poor design of a mobile site.
- Over 36% of mobile subscribers use iPhones or iPads to read email and 34% of subscribers only use mobile devices to read emails.


How to Choose Best Independent Software Testing Company?

Best independent software testing companies organize independent software testing performed by experienced specialists, who don’t participate in the process of information system development. It guarantees the testing being objective, as well as conformity of the delivered software non-functional and functional requirements. 

Independent testing performed by TestMatick allows our customers to use a single test repository, the best company’s achievements, 24/7 support team.
The practice of independent testing performance aims to provide a wide range of services, which client can use them both in complex, or separately, in any combination. 

Top independent testing companies should offer the following services: 
- load testing, performance testing, stress testing;
- regression/functionality testing;
- API;
- configuration testing;
- localization testing;
- usability testing;
- data migration;
- security.

The clients should also get a number of additional benefits. For example: 
- reduction of risks to release a low-quality product;
- risk reduction of postponing the release;
- adjustment of costs transparency and predictability;
- optimization of time and cost for testing;

The implementation of outsourcing model provides best results and is effective. 
When choosing the best independent testing company, you will get the promotion of your trademark, as well as sales growth.