Another Way to Validate the Software - Unit Functional Testing Service

The given type of independent testing allows quality assurance consulting specialists to check thoroughly each individual component (module, object, class, function, etc.) of the software, in order to make sure in its correct performance. 
It is a paramount, negative and positive testing of newly emerging functionality, which takes place during the software development. 

Unit functional testing service assumes testing of each component in isolation in an artificially created environment.
Given testing type performed based on approved testing requirements using manual and automated testing services. 

For internal projects, QA team uses “test first” approach, when automated tests are created before the software development. In this case, tests written before development process are run opposite the created and integrated pieces of code. The development is carried out until testers have successfully passed all tests.

Software testers also write individual test cases describing the steps and expected results;and they also write use-cases (usage scenarios) describing the user actions and system reaction on user-performed actions.

Unit functional testing is performed during the development of each system module. Therefore, in case of defect detection, testers will need to execute the redesign of a separately tested module, but not of all the system.

Besides, unit testing makes possible the defects detection in technical tasks or in project architecture, as well as the ability of separate program parts on each development stage. After the link-edit of these modules, it’s enough to perform system and regression testing. In addition, there will be no same defects in the work of modules, which will save the resources spent on fixing bugs already after the product release. 


Sherlin Jones said...

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