Load Testing Services by Means of Apache Bench

Apache Bench – is a simple tool for load testing service. This utility is included in the standard Apache Assembly and even have almost all ready assemblies such as Denwer, WAMP, XAMPP. Very easy to use and highly configurable.

If you are the beginner in load testing, ab (Apache Bench) – just what you need. 
Main advantages that ab is easy and convenient for learning/using, while its the biggest drawback is low functionality. 

So, what Apache Bench can?
All request are executed through Http protocol. Https is ,unfortunately, not supported. This is another minus :( 

In ab, you can set the total number of requests executed in parallel and time limits for all requests. Apache Bench offers the possibility to use post and head requests. 
You can also add content-type headers and parameters from the cookies, send requests to apache bench, use the proxy server. 
You can work with basic Http authentication and basic proxy authentication. It also supports Http keep-alive-the ability to send requests within one Http session. 
By default, apache bench this feature is turned off.


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