Integration Testing Software Service & Its Main Approaches

Integration testing software service is aimed to validate the connection between components, and the cooperation of various system parts (operating system, equipment or hookups between various systems).

Integration Testing Levels: 

Component Integration Testing. On the given level, one checks the interaction between system components after component testing has been performed. 
System Integration Testing. The interaction between various systems is checked after the system testing has been executed. 

What are the Continuous Integration Services? 

Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice in software engineering. It’s aimed to provide an immediate feedback about the introduced defect in the code base, which can be detected and eliminated as soon as possible.

Three Approaches to Integration Testing: 

#1. Bottom Up Integration. Software tester gathers all the low-level modules, procedures, and functions and then performs their testing. After these activities, he gathers the next level of modules for integration testing. The given approach is good if all the modules (or nearly all of them) are ready. As well, the given approach helps to define the level of the app being ready, based on test results. 

#2. Top Down Integration. At first, software dedicated tester checks all high-level modules and gradually adds low-level ones. All the modules of lower levels are simulated by plugs with the similar functionality, and then whenever they are ready, they are replaced with real active components. 

#3. “Big Bang” Integration. All or almost all of the developed modules are assembled together as a complete system or its main part, and then tester executes integration testing. This approach is time-saving. But if test cases and their results are recorded in incorrect way – the process of integration testing will be more complicated, and will be an obstacle for the test team in achieving the main goal of integration testing.

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James Lackey said...

Integration testing can expose problems with the interfaces among program components before trouble occurs in real-world program execution. Integration testing is a component of Extreme Programming (XP), a pragmatic method of software development that takes a meticulous approach to building a product by means of continual testing and revision. here is the detail of types of testing using for integration.