Software Test Services: Use Case Testing Method

In order to validate the functionality of the program, from End User point of view, testers create test cases based on the sequence of user operations. These cases display all user needs in maximum when working with a program, as well as real examples of interaction between the user and the product. 

This testing method is useful because testing happens not only for specific components but for the whole system. And quite often such behavior, which is impossible to imagine even on the basis of requirements and specifications.

Use Case Testing is based on the creation of such cases, when after performing few steps, the user reaches a particular goal. 
For scripts execution, one often needs to perform at first certain Preconditions, without which the testing cannot begin. For example, certain programs are installed, input values are also prepared, the relationship between programs components are customized and so on. 
Also, after you run the test script, you must check the Postconditions (it’s such conditions and the state of the program that must be performed after the test script). For example, additional office files and Test Logs are generated, data is saved in the database, implemented the necessary scripts and so on. 

Using this method, one can create Acceptance Tests when customers and the end users are in active cooperation with the team at this stage. 

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