Software Test Services: Error Guessing & Exploratory Testing Techniques

Error Guessing Technique uses the tester’s experience in order to predict the place and type of defect occurrence in the system or in the system component. Fault Attack is the synonym to the given technique. This technique is used for defining the system quality and reliability, by means of attempts to cause certain failures. 
Depending on the project, there can also be some useful standardized and public testing methodologies as SUMI and WAMI. You can also compile a list of defects, which usually take place in the program. Tests and scenarios are created accordingly to these defects.

Exploratory Testing Technique is an informal method for designing tests and test scenarios. 
This technique is used when the product doesn’t have requirements and documentation or limited time for testing. Tester checks the program and for statistics can record what tests were performed, and in the case of defect detection, tester creates the improved tests for more exhaustive program testing. In this method that is based on structure, interface, and program logic, one can and must use the earlier techniques. 
This "surface" method can identify only a small percentage of the total number of defects in the product, and is commonly used as a supplement to formal methods.
This method is very close to Ad Hoc Testing method, which is also informal. There are no formal phases of preparation and prediction of expected results. 


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