Software Test Services: Experience Based Test Design Techniques

The name of the given method speaks for itself. Experience Based Test Design Technique doesn’t belong to formal methods. Decisions about what to check in the product are made by the tester based on his/her:

- Knowledge of and experience with similar projects;
- Knowledge of and experience with technology;
- General experience in testing;
- Intuition;
- Knowledge of the basic reasons for which programs do not work correctly;
- Knowledge about possible defects and their distribution.

In addition to testers, customers, developers, end users, business analysts, and all interested in the project can participate in this testing method. Their knowledge and experience always help in directing testing efforts in the right direction for the definition of defects. 

In order to make a decision, it is also very useful to have the information about already existing defects in the program. The main idea of this method lies in getting quick feedback on the quality of the program without the use of formal processes. 
Tests and test scenarios are based on experience, and after their performance can be obtained by using metrics (created by tests, passed the tests, not passed tests, the number of defects found and their significance) the primary view about the quality of the project, as well as the "Pareto principle" identifies areas for further testing. 

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