Software Test Services: State Transition Testing Method

In order to understand and use the given method, You should know the following terms: 

- State Diagram shows the conditions (that can be a component of a program or system) and situations or events that lead to a transition from one state to another. 
- State Transition Testing - is the kind of test development due to black box method, where tests or test scripts are created through the implementation of valid and invalid state transitions. 
- N-Switching Testing - is testing of the navigation tables, where tests or test scripts are created for executing all correct sequences of N +1 transitions.

N- Switching Testing of navigation tables shows the relationship between the states and inputs, as well as possible and impossible transitions between states. State transitions may be valid and invalid. Based on the algorithm and the rules, the system moves from one state to another, depending on the input.

Tests & Test Scenarios are Created for:

- Covering the typical state sequences.
- Covering each state.
- The performance of each transition.
- The performance of special transition sequences.
- Validation of incorrect transitions.

This test method is often used when checking work algorithms of the navigation in Web sites, at ATMs, online stores, and so on.
This method can be applied at all levels of testing, depending on the rules and the program algorithm.

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