Software Test Services: Test Planning & Control

Test Planning & Control

Test planning and control are the initial stages when software testers from various independent testing companies start their work on the project.  On the planning stage, testers identify aims (what they are going to test) and actions (the way the testing will be executed) in order to reach the goal. As a rule, testers analyze the requirements for the program or project, create a test plan. Test plan contains all documented strategies that would be used during the program software development life cycle. It’s done to validate if the product meets the declared design in specifications or some other requirements. The dedicated testing team creates, reviews and updates test plan in the process of the project execution. 

Test Plan

Depending on the product under development and the team structure there is a master test plan for complex programs that covers several testing levels. For individual components or complex functional programs, there are separate test plans, which has already described this particular components or features of the testing strategy. This decomposition is also relevant when developing systems using various developing teams that are working in different companies and even countries.

Test Control

Test control – is a continuous process that takes place from the beginning to the end of the project. It includes the comparison of actual results together with planned ones. If some differences happen, testers perform analysis of the situation, compile the report about the current status and offer measures to eliminate problems that have an impact on performing the job successfully. The problems can be: lack of necessary equipment, lack of qualified personnel, etc. 

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