Software Test Services: Fundamental Test Process

Today we will start a new page in test software services – Fundamental test process. I hope that all the information about software development models was useful for you! 
Let’s think about the reasons why are the majority of top software testing companies so successful? The answer is simple – they have established test processes when performing various software testing services. Let’s study them!

Fundamental Test Process Includes The Following Primary Activities:

- Test planning & control.
- Test analysis & design.
- Test implementation & execution.
- Evaluating exit criteria & reporting.
- Test closure activities.

The above steps can be used all or partly depending on the developed product and process development. We will consider all of them in next posts in details. Try to analyze what actions do you use on your projects. If any of them does not run for your company or project, then try to think how you can implement and what benefits they will bring to the development process.

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