Software Test Services: Specification-Based Test Design Techniques

In this post and the next ones, we will study Specification-Based Test Design Techniques, their features and objectives. So, what are Specification-Based Test Design Techniques and with what to eat them? 
Dedicated testers also call them Black Box Technique and it can be used as a synonym. 

This testing type, functional or non-functional, is performed:
- Without knowledge of the internal structure of the component or the entire system.
- Using analysis available on the project documentation and requirements for the software product being developed, taking into account the functional and non-functional aspects.
- Using specifications to your developed product or model anticipated system.

Test and Test scenarios are created based on these criteria. There are methods of developing tests based on the following specifications:
- Equivalence Partitioning.
- Boundary Value Analysis.
- State Transition Testing.
- Decision Table Testing.
- Use Case Testing.

This method can be applied at all levels of testing.

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