Software Test Services: Defects Management


Defect Management is the process of identification and recognition, research and elimination of incidents. Software testers together with other project members (developers and customers) conduct the logging of incidents (defects), their classification and determination of the degree of influence on the software product under development.

Defects can occur in different stages of SDLC and software testing services:
- The stage of writing the requirements.
- The stage of code writing.
- When creating testing documentation (Test Plan, Test Design, Test Scenario).
- When reviewing the developed product.
- In help documentation, user guide, installation guide and other documents. 

All incidents (defects), after the identification, must be selected in the chosen project tool for management and monitoring. 
Such instruments are: 
- Incident Management Tool.
- Defect Tracking Tool.
- Defect Management Tool.

The main tasks of such tools are:
- Recording and tracking the status of incidents.
- Changes in their description.
- Add files to them, through which they can reproduce.
- Generating statistical data on their status in the form of reports.
- Their distribution between the project participant (programmers and testers).

Bug Report has the following structure and data (the content depends on the chosen tool):
- The date of defect occurrence.
- Name of the company, organization or project.
- Name of the person who found the defect.
- The title of the defect.
- Steps or scenario of defect reproduction.
- Expected and actual results.
- The description of the software configuration (name & version) or test environment (used programmes & equipment).
- Test Logs.
- Screenshots.
- Configuration files.
- The level of impact on customer’s interests.
- Urgency/Priority fix.
- Defect Status:
`Deferred, Suspended.
`Waiting to be fixed.
`Fixed awaiting re-test.
- Comments & recommendations from the project participants.
- History of changes in the defect.
- Test link, where the defect was found.
-  Link to the program file and version with comments that were fixed.
- The information about developers’ actions for defect identification, its localization, and the degree of impact on other functionality.

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