Software Test Services: The Evaluation of Risks in the Product Under Development

Product Risks are directly related to the test object, and these risks directly associated with the quality of software product. 

Characteristics of poor product quality are:

- The program does not perform the functionality that was declared in the specification.
- Software and equipment, which it serves, can cause damage to the person or company.
- Program unreliable from the point of view of its unexpected shutting down or rebooting.
- The program has a low level of reliability, performance, ease of use.
- When processing or transmission information, it changes on the wrong algorithm, it can also be lost or transformed with the deviation from accepted standards.

There are other problems connected with developed software product. Risk analysis in this direction allows determining in which direction and what functionality you must make a greater effort to test. In the case of a "pesticide paradox" or "defects clustering ", new tests or test scripts are updated or created for localization issues and to identify their causes. 

Testing helps to identify risks in the product, namely, defects or incorrect operation of the program. Measures were taken to reduce project risks (hotfix functionality or fixing) reduces the probability of their occurrence when the program will be used by the users.

Risks in the product can even be connected with the developers of the program. If the previous project developer made critical errors (this is confirmed by the collected metrics), then there is a high chance that this project and the developer can write a low-quality code. 

Perhaps, such a developer needs to undergo some additional training on weak competence, or periodically analyzing a written code, before assembling the program. Testers also give more attention to functionality; a developer often makes mistakes.

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