Software Test Services: Iterative Model

When dedicated testers use Iterative model for software development – they get a “raw” product or even its part. When the analysis and update are finished, the version of the product becomes better. This process is continuous, iteration after iteration, before the final stage till the moment when a product will meet the requirements.

 All the project participants (clients/customers, developers, dedicated testing team/testers) interact more with each other.
- A lot of time is dedicated to the product design.
- Potential users provide feedback about the product earlier, even if not all the components and functionality are fully implemented.
- Defects are detected at the early development stage.


- Because of the missing details on the parts of the project and its functionality on early development stage, there is a possibility of low-cost emergence on changing the whole project architecture and design.

It’s Recommended for Use When:

- For big projects, when the project requirements are defined and clear.
- A large part of the requirements for the product being defined, and possible changes to or clarifications of the requirements will not significantly affect the development process.


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