Software Test Services: Agile Model

Agile Model – is a subtype of the Incremental model, due to which the program is being developed using fast cycles. Releases are issued with new functionality, and each release is tested. The quality of the product after each release should possess the highest quality. In each release, the new functionality is tested using functional testing service, as in previous releases should be achieved perfect product quality and appearance defects should be minimized. Extreme Programming (XP) is the most popular of the agile methodologies.


- All the project members (clients/customers, developers, testers, dedicated testing teams) interact with each other more often.
- Human factor and interaction come to the fore in comparison with the processes and developing tools.
- Working software with new functionality is released more frequently (every 1-2 weeks instead of once a month).
- Daily interaction and face-to-face communication improve the mobility and adaptability in the event of a change in requirements.
- Product customers are more satisfied with results and fast work performed by developers.


- Lack of clear documentation and product requirements.
- A project can be closed fast if the customer sees that a developed product won’t bring benefits.
- At the initial development stage, it is difficult to assess the amount of work and necessary resources, since all requirements have not yet known and may change in future.
- Highly-qualified testers and developers are required because beginners cannot evaluate all risks to the project and the product during development.

It is Recommended to Use When:

- The project product requirements vary depending on market conditions.
- The creation of new, relevant and popular functionality can take few days. However, this is a deviation from the plan does not have a significant effect on the overall project.
- There is a need see how the new product functionality will work and you can decide on further prospects for development.

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