Software Test Services: RAD Model

Rapid Application Development Model is a subtype of the Incremental model, in which the product is divided into separate components/functions, and they are developed in parallel, as mini-projects. When implementing this approach, dedicated testers get a product during 3-5 months. It’s essential to attract a competent, dedicated testing team, to release the project in a limited time and with a small budget. 

RAD Model Has the Following Periods:
Requirements Planning Phase – product analysis determines types of works and their volume for every mini project, the risks in the product and on the project. Business objectives are formulated in clear requirements and approved by the project manager.
User Design Phase – on this stage, testers work on models development and prototypes of the software product when cooperating with business analytics and system analytics together with product users.
Construction Phase –   dedicated testing team works on code writing and testing. At the same time, users can make changes in the product, because of requirements specification. 
Cutover Phase – it’s a final part of development when testers perform accepting testing.

- Applied component reuse program.
- Reduced development time.
- Initially requirements comprehensible for all participants in the project.
- Feedback effect.
- Testers are involved in the project at a very early stage.

- Implementation of the project depends on a high level of competence in the domain of engaged employees and their performance.
- It is important not to skip the requirement or allow uncertainties in the requirements.
- Need experts in modeling.

Is Recommended to Use When:
- There is a need to create a product within a limited period is 3-5 months.
- Has the financial capacity to attract designers to simulate.
- Invited staff are experts in the developed product.

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