Software Test Services: 7 Software Development Models That Should Know Every Tester

Every dedicated tester from an independent testing company knows that depending on the project aims, the development process requires various methods or methodologies. 

Each software development model has different stages and the choice of the model influence the testing process. Program development life cycle involves creating the initial requirements and their refinement, writing code, testing the product and prepare it for release on the market.

7 Software Development Models:  

- Waterfall Model.
- V-Model.
- Incremental Model.
- RAD/Rapid Application Development Model.
- Agile Model.
- Iterative Model.
- Spiral Model.

Each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of model depends on the project type, the amount of work, the competence of developers, available documentation and product requirements.

In next posts, we will analyse all the seven models deeper. Be with us and let's discover software testing world together!


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