Why Automated Testing Cannot Detect Regression Bugs

It is widely supposed that, due to development of new features, test automation is aimed at detecting regression bugs but not new defects. However, regression bugs happen to slip through and probably automated regressions testing is the only approach to detect the bugs.

Automated software testing services enable you to plan and perform functional automated testing to help you to reach your business goals.

Let us try to understand why test automation is not the best way to defect regression bugs:

1. The Scenario Wasn’t Thoroughly Thought Of

Automated testing has many advantages.  It is as good as a designer of the tests. It is performed to validate the target application meets a set of acceptance criteria. Primarily, QA team starts working on test cases design to come up with scenarios. The scenarios are executed automatically because they are scripted.  So, a certain scenario cannot be scripted to carry our test without being thoroughly thought of.

2. The Scenario Was Not Scripted After It Was Thought Of

Automated testing is a time-consuming process. It may take long to automate tests; all depends on testing complexity, coding skills of test engineers, flexibility of automated testing tools. As a result, it is impossible to detect the regression bugs during new feature development.

By the way, regression testing services help you to know that reported defects are repaired after changes in software environment and the hardware and there are no new quality problems with the maintenance process.

3.  A Bug Exists In The Test Code 
Sometimes, automated testing is not executed as expected because there is a mistake in the test code, or no verification points are inserted in correct areas.
4. The Automated Testing Failed to Run Because of Environment Issues
This concerns execution of system tests with the help of app UI, namely running the app in browser. When such happens, much depends on download streams, other applications or third-party, and if any of them do not respond periodically or even are down, automated testing could not be a success therefore correctness of particular test could not be verified.

5. Test Reports Were Improperly Analyzed
After carrying out automated testing that appeared to be a failure, you need to make an analysis to find out why the test cases failed. Automated software testing as a service is not good for this purpose. This amount of work is normally done by hand that in turn helps to indentify genuine failures that could be masked by other issues.

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