Where Software Testing Companies Find Great Software Testers

Experienced and talented software testers are hard to find but top software testing companies still manage to do that. Why are these specialists in so high demand? Actually, they have the same viewpoint as the product users but with various considerations and more depth.
So, where to find these people, how to interview and employ them?

More often than not, QA lead, test manager or just a recruiter faces the task to build QA team and make it grower.  Some of these have to find and recruit the best new tester within the shortest time possible. In order to cope with this challenge, pay attention to the following summary of a test manager’s diary.

Many recruiter emails arrive to a certain inbox every day. Each of them contains CV as attachment that needs to be deciphered and matched with the skills being looked for.  Unfortunately, most of the emails appear to be useless.

If the candidates are admitted to an interview it is not still the winning, because sometimes they lack the experience written in their resume, they cannot overcome assumptions the way they need to, they have no passion for learning, and they do not have communication skills and the confidence they are expected to.  As a result, they cannot get a job in software testing service providers.

Recruiters spend much time and energy to find the necessary personnel. This work would be worth doing if the right people were eventually found and hired. But, the task seems to be insolvable.

However, it is still possible to find a person that is good for the position and has the required skills. But, afterwards, they may fall out of the process flow.

Maybe they get a more attractive offer, or maybe they are

determined to stay where they are or there are some other reasons why they change their mind but they are not a good fit anymore.

Why there are no the right candidates?  Why some applicants happen to have been filtered out of the process?

Why is it such a problem to hire software tester? Where do all great testers usually hide?  How to know whether a tester is a highly-qualified specialist or not? And, if there is a one you have found, how to motivate him to work for your company?

Good testers have already got the job and they are not looking for you and they show no interest in the job market.  Do not be upset! Read further:

  •  Come in contact with testers through Internet.
  •  Publish the information that could attract attention of testers.
  •  Attend testing conferences.
  •  Be present at a community event.
  •  Set testers the task they are unable to ignore.

Below is the list of some questions that will help you to choose the right tester:

·         Does the candidate understand what software testing is?

·         Has he participated in software development projects? Does he aware of the pitfalls and nuances?

·         Can he run the tests? Can he design a test?

·         Is he smart, creative and critical?

·         Can he work within a team?

·         Does he have the things done?

·         Can he tell the difference between various approaches and how they can be may be appropriate depending upon the project context?

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