What is a Bug in Terms of Software Testing Companies

A bug is a common term in the computer environment. It is used to describe defects, software malfunction. The English meaning of the word is a bug or any small insect.

Software testing companies provide the users with relevant information on different software issues, including finding and fixing bugs. Their staff offers effective qa solutions, delivering high quality and performance of IT systems at competitive price.

Nowadays, the word “bug” is used to refer to software problems, namely inexplicable errors existing in the source code. These are hard to detect because they are contained in code sections, which work only upon fulfillment of many conditions that rarely coincide in the course of full time performance of the program. This usually happens because of unpredictable actions of the users, incorrect data input or other situations illogical to performance of the program. 

There are no programs without defects. According to statistics, there are several errors for every 1000 strings of source code that is written by programmers, but a number of strings in complex software such as operating systems amount to some millions.

Using special techniques and certain programs, such as debuggers and bug trackers, highly experienced specialists – testers – search for bugs and detect them.

When the program development process is almost completed, its alpha version is released. As a rule, this version has only main program modules but its functional is constrained. This alpha version is sent to freelance testers working on a contractual basis. 

After analyzing their reports and correcting uncovered defects, a beta version is released. This is already a full-featured version of the program that is usually sent to more testers.

Beta testing companies allow real users to carry out testing in real environment in order to ensure that their software product is defect-free and fully functional before going to the market.

And only when the changes will be included in the program according to the results of the work of beta testers, a final program version is released.

Process of finding and resolving bugs is continuous and goes on until the developer stops maintaining the program. It is impossible to get rid of bugs completely, because when correcting some defects, the other ones are often added.

Software testing services are carried out to provide the customers with high quality software solutions. Due to unique strategy and special methodology the users get satisfaction from the products tested by sqa companies.

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