5 Tips for Freshers: How to Find Your First Real Job in QA Testing Services

It is not easy to land your first job, particularly when you know about your competitors – the other candidates that are experienced in the testing unlike you.

Accordingly, you have to stay at home and reflect on the worthlessness of life since you cannot apply for the job due to lack of required experience…..

However, you cannot even imagine that finding a job as a provider of QA testing services may be simpler than you guess.

1. You must not compete with experienced testers

The contest with experienced testers is deemed to failure, so there is no reason to try this unrewarding occupation.
You are recommended to consider the jobs that require no or little testing experience.  Start at the very beginning and grow your success.
QA managers realize that they constantly need not only experienced testers in their team but also inexperienced ones.
When landing your first job you should not expect that your salary will be the same amount as that to be paid to the employees with 5 or 10 years in testing company; also, do not think that within your first day, or 12 months you will be assigned to same positions they were. Your first job will be just an entrance into your profession.

2. Become experienced tester in order to land your first job

You should sign up for two or three crowd testing companies, do this your work for the following 3-6 months and gain some experience.
This can be placed in resume with information on the technologies, projects and overall experience you got for this period.
When a manager reads somebody’s CV where he finds great passion for testing and investment of time in this, the CV is automatically placed a long way higher in the recruitment stack in his table.

3. If you lack experience in testing, master the subject under test

Numerous companies are known to work on specific verticals such as languages, mobile applications, gaming. Improve your professionalism on one of the verticals and your chances to land the job in one of such companies are sure to increase. 
Take part in post interesting talks on the subjects and make sure that you have concrete things, advances and achievements to point to when during the interview you are asked to explain why you find yourself an expert in this field.

4. Do not choose big companies – look for smaller ones because they are less afraid of taking risks and hiring of inexperienced people.  

A lot of experienced testers did the same at one time. Actually, most of them became testers mistakenly when they get to work in a small company.  
Small companies usually hire people due to their personal chemistry and not only professional experience. And there is less competition in a smaller company since a majority of experienced testers want to work in big companies for advancing their careers.
BTW, small companies look to grow bigger so they are in constant need of testers.

5. Recommendations of your friend will help you get a job as easy as possible. 
Most jobs are not even published on staffing table. Recruiting managers initially prefer to ask relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances if they can recommend somebody who is compatible with their company’s needs and provide quality testing services.

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